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  • ✨We havent had a Throwback Thursday for a while, so thought we could go back to the late 70's and early 80's.... the start of Peel Estate..... when shorts were small, hair was big and sunscreen and footwear were overrated!!✨
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  • ✨Excited to be pairing Peel Estate wine with this monster for dinner tonight!!! 🙌👏🥂🍾🐟 Although we will probably open a chilled bottle of PE Albarin-ish, it's interesting to see what others pair with their seafood - not always what we expect.  I was interested to read this part of an article for the West Australian, written by Ray Jordan..... Are you willing to re-think the rules??✨ ✨Rethink the ‘rules'
Red meat — red wine. White meat, seafood — white wine. Yeah, sure, that works, but if you narrow your thinking on the sometimes tricky subject of matching wine and food to such a simplistic maxim you will miss out on some really interesting combinations and taste experiences.

You see, certain types of seafood are perfectly suited to red wines.

For instance, tuna or Atlantic salmon combines beautifully with a lighter-bodied red such as pinot or even one of the more elegant and restrained modern shiraz styles that you will often see called syrah.

In the end, deciding what wine to serve with your seafood is generally a case of considering the flavour and intensity of the specific fish, crustacean or mollusc. The flavour can simply be the natural character of the seafood, with such magnificent WA fish as dhufish or King George whiting best prepared as simply as possible.

The intensity is more about the power and persistence of the flavour, which can be augmented with other ingredients and may allow a wider variety of wine-pairing options as a result.✨
  • ✨The sun was shining and the birds were singing when 112 eager Shiraz enthusiasts gathered at Peel Estate for the 28th and final Great Shiraz Tasting ..... and what a day it was!!! ✨Tasting 20 phenominal national and international Shiraz, followed by a mouth-watering three-course lunch overlooking sprawling grounds, and vines bursting to life made it a day to remember!! ✨Will and the Peel Estate team would like to thank each and every one of our loyal supporters who joined us Saturday and for past Shiraz Tastings over the last 28 years.  The Great Shiraz Tasting will always be an incredible event which Will holds close✨ ..... and now the moment you have been waiting for....The people's choice results!!!!! Enjoyyyyyy!!! 🙌🎉🍷
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Thank you so much @peelestatewines for the opportunity to cater the annual Great Shiraz Tasting again! Pictured is our delightful blueberry and lemon brulee cheesecake with orange blossom floss.
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  • ✨... Yet another phenomonal WA unfiltered sunrise... Followed by a ripper spring day.... Perhaps I should actually get up earlier to appreciate these small pieces of beauty in the day more often!!!...…. ✨
  • ✨ ..... True story!!! .....✨
  • ✨.... Cheers to these absolute gorgeous girls, who polished glasses solidly from 9am till 5pm in preparation for our big event.... also bringing the sunshine, smiles, great tunes and interesting chatter.... Thank you so much Anita and Nadia!!.....✨
  • ✨... The sun is out and the buds are bursting!......Peel Estate is spruced and looking forward to greeting all our wonderful Shiraz lovers tomorrow.... CHEERS to a magnificent day ahead!!!....✨
  • ✨Thanks so much to the talented Glenn Ridgwell... What an amazing voice!!!!🎶✨ ✨And thank you to our hard working, fantastic Julie, who is the 'behind the scenes organisation ninja', and the person who pulls our events together - we're toasting the next rain-free, fun, family friendly event here at Peel Estate Wines 🍾🍷✨

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